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Comma uses exercise 5

When an introductory prepositional phrase is very short (less than four words), the comma is usually optional. The comma is used to separate an adverb clause from its principal clause. An introductory phrase or clause is set off from the rest of the sentence with a comma. The Oxford comma is therefore a useful tool for the poor writer who knows not what he is doing. If you accidentally click on the wrong button, simply click on the button you meant to select. Examples: He is a strong, healthy man. Commas are used to separate the individual words or phrases that together make up a list. Before or after adverbial clauses and groups. 2 1. The ten most frequent comma uses. The address for the governor's mansion is 391 West Ferry Road Atlanta Georgia. School will begin on August 25. Make sure they are independent clauses and not some other construction where commas are not required. Sam explained that hockey was his favorite winter sport. That should make them take  1. 12. Commas with Exercises GR7. Never use a comma in an address of four digits or more. 5. 1. A comma splice is when two independent clauses are incorrectly joined by a comma to make one sentence. 3. Declarative, imperative, or interrogative sentences can be made into exclamatory sentences by punctuating them with an exclamation point. Send the package to 5154 Smith Street, Los Angeles, California 92674. 456, 50“ The year "1990" is parenthetical information about the date February 5. Comma Exercises Using commas to separate a long introductory phrase from the main clause. Example: However, we should still investigate the missing painting. 5. Irregular Verbs: Irregular Past Simple, Part 1. Fixing Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions 3 . The time is 2:15. Recognizing the thief the policemen arrested him immediately. Note that not every sentence needs commas. Use a comma to separate a scene from an act in a play. A comma is needed between independent clauses when they are joined by the words and, or, for, nor ,  ises/3/5. To use commas effectively, it’s useful to be able to identify these elements, especially subjects and predicates. A greenhouse is a glass building used to grow plants. To separate words, phrases and clauses in a series. You can copy Use commas to punctuate this sentence. The same effect occurs on the earth. Fill in the blank. 6. Use a comma after an introductory element. It’s the subject of both verbs, the one before and the one after the but. Kathleen met her husband on December 5, 2003, in Mill Valley, California. 2. Comma Usage. But do you put a comma before an appositive? Do you use a comma before the word who? For examples about when and how to use commas with nonessential elements, take a look at this article. Commas are the preferred way to set-off information from the rest of the sentence. Commas  5. When a number is over 999, use commas to separate the numbers. Use a comma when a series of two or more adjectives modify a noun. Comma Splices and Independent Clauses . USE A COMMA TO SET OFF APPOSITIVES. The house is $600,000. Interrupters (5) Use commas as parentheses to offset a parenthesis. A nonrestrictive (parenthetical) element is set off by commas, as in these examples. Commas: Items in a Series : Grammar : Fifth Grade English Language Arts Worksheets. <br />Example: I am from East Lansing, Michigan. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers by clicking on the "Check My Work" button. Semicolon: Each sentence below is wrong; it has a Uses of the comma. Of all the punctuation marks in English, this one is perhaps the most abused and misused. Use a hyphen for written‐out numbers* (but not Commas are the most used punctuation marks in written English after full stops. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Rule No. To separate adjectives whose order could be reversed Correct: The groaning, rumbling train finally pulled into the station Correct: The rumbling, groaning train finally pulled into the station Note: Commas should also be used after introductory words or phrases (e. Two sentences: Each sentence below is wrong. Her living room was cold dark damp and musty. Commas. A glass of milk a cup of tea or a mug of coffee will be fine. Having been told of the test John wondered when he would study. Before I go out, I will give you a call. Never use a comma in a page number of four digits or more. Write a Python program which accepts a sequence of comma separated 4 digit binary numbers as its input and print the numbers that are divisible by 5 in a comma separated sequence. Notice that when you use because at the beginning of the sentence, you must use a comma (,) When to Use Commas After Introductory Prepositional Phrases. She bought milk, eggs, and bread. A brief description of the worksheets is on each of the worksheet widgets. Rule 2a: Use a comma to separate the day of the month from the year, and also place one after the year. Robinson/1999 5 Proofreading for Commas The most straightforward way to proofread for commas is to read your writing out loud. • At the end of a pleasant morning, the lion lay down for a nap. however, in the The main function of a colon is to introduce what follows it. Top of Page. The AP Stylebook does not require the last comma. ) F o r A n d N o r B u t O r Y e t S o Exercise 5. 4. “Ouch” screamed the boy after he was stung by a bee. By following a few simple rules, you can learn how to use the comma and semicolon correctly. Missing Comma After Introductory Element. Don’t use coordinating conjunctions to begin all of your sentences. Source: Lesson 246 at the end of the sentence to change a statement into a question or an exclamatory sentence An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling. Some people work best in the mornings others do better in the evenings Commas Quiz 1 from The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Semicolons. (nonessential) My brother who is single lives in New York City. ” 4. 4th, 5th and 6th grade Punctuation worksheets help familiarize students with the appropriate uses. This requires some practice, however, as first you must know which commas are necessary and which are optional. Eats, shoots and leaves. Commas with Adverb Phrases. (essential) 6. To separate some non-defining phrases from the rest of the sentence. Before various connectives to join two independent clauses. Commas :: Exercise 5, Sentence 1. kastatic. You can go shopping with me, or you can go to a movie alone. Other errors can create run-on sentences, as well. While there’s some degree of flexibility in how commas are used, it’s important to have a clear grasp of the rules. For example: Commas with Exercises GR7. If a sentence needs no  We use Cookies on this site to enhance your experience and improve our marketing efforts. A) I need, sugar, butter, and eggs This exercise offers practice in applying the rules for using commas and semicolons correctly. Colons. Writing Style Guides and Exercises: Comma Usage and Sentence Structure . Each sentence below is wrong, it has a comma splice. Do it yourself comma quiz 7 . Only use a comma to separate a dependent clause at the end of a sentence for added emphasis, usually when negation occurs. Put the proper punctuation on the blank. Punctuation and Grammar 101 is divided into two subjects which focus on grammar and punctuation topics. " Without the clarifying comma, the reader might read "snow flurry birds" as a single concept and the sentence as a fragment. If you think you could benefit from learning more about punctuation, please see our free punctuation guides. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27th 1756. > Other English exercises on the same topic: Punctuation [Change theme] > Similar tests: - Talk about a point - Punctuation - English punctuation - Netiquette (testing your punctuation skills!!!) - Apostrophe - Punctuation - Punctuation - Punctuation > Double-click on words you don't understand The serial comma is the comma before the last “and” in a series: red, white, and blue. The rule for but is the same as that for the other six coordinating conjunctions: and, for, or, nor, so, and yet. org and *. Use a comma to set off introductory elements, as in "Running toward third base, he suddenly realized how stupid he looked. Always check your texts on readability. Table of Contents . Parentheses are punctuation marks (either commas, dashes or brackets) used in pairs to offset additional information in a sentence (known as a parenthesis ). A comma is needed between independent clauses when they are joined by the words and, or, for, nor, so, but, or yet. The children learned to ride their bicycles, and then they rode them in the park. Using semicolons and commas. Consider the below examples of sentences containing properly placed and omitted commas: Short prepositional phrase: The following worksheet contains two exercises on the use of commas in English. The ratio of girls to boys is 3:2. Use a hyphen for the prefixes self‐, quasi‐,all‐,elect‐, and ex‐(meaning “formerly”): Her ex‐husband often expressed anti‐American ideas. Using commas to enclose clauses that interrupt the flow of the sentence. 1 The most important comma rules in German Posted by jan on Nov 7, 2012 in Grammar, Language, Practice Hi everyone, for being a lazy comma user myself, I will try to show you the most important comma rules in German. RULE 5 Put commas around an expression that interrupts the flow of the sentence (such as, however, moreover, finally, therefore, of course, by the way, on the other hand, I am sure, I think). To set off introductory material 3. Touch Typing Lesson 5: Punctuation. Punctuation Exercise Key (Correct Answers and Rationale) Place semicolons, colons, hyphens, quotation marks, periods, commas, question marks, apostrophe, and parentheses where ever they are needed in the following sentences. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *. Comma Uses. It has a comma splice. Section 5: Using commas to separate quotes. Comma splices can be fixed three different ways: Add a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) after the comma. Dallas, Texas Houston, Texas. Stephen’s grades will be based on (1) participation, (2) in-class writing, and (3) projects. Click on the images to view, download, or print them. The Rules of Comma Usage 2 . Example: She was in love with the interesting, dangerous act of beekeeping. ELA-Literacy. It is usually optional and is generally not used when only two parallel items are connected by a conjunction: faith and charity : Children put missing commas in sentences. In 1992 German zoologists discovered rare animal fossils from 35,000 BC. It therefore needs to be joined to the first part of the sentence, the compound independent clause "I don't remember many Saturday morning cartoons, but May and John can name pretty much all of them") using a semicolon, a comma followed by a conjunction, or a period, not just a comma. You would not say expensive and summer resort, so no comma. The choice is yours. The fish kept in the ponds were eels, tench, pike, perch and carp. Examples: I am traveling to Austin, Texas, to visit my sister. Well-documented case notes are essential in court proceedings. The marine iguana, which eats algae in the sea, is only found in the Galapagos Islands. Between two complete thoughts connected by and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet 5. <br />Rule: Use a comma to separate two adjectives (describing words) when the word and can be inserted between them Here are all the English grammar exercises on the site so far. Winston Churchill, the statesman, was also an eminent writer. Some. Commas With Dates and Addresses. Here is a graphic preview for all of the Commas Quiz 1 from The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Rule: An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames a nearby noun. To download a free copy of this exercise, follow this link. Have fun completing grammar practice exercises that help students learn about important English language punctuation such as the full stop, question mark, comma, apostrophe, exclamation mark and inverted commas. A greenhouse has transparent glass that allows the sunlight to pass through, but does not allow the heat inside to escape. Commas (Eight Basic Uses) To better understand the use of the comma, begin by learning the following eight basic uses: 1. Exercise 1 - Using apostrophes in contractions and possessive nouns. 50” or “EUR 2. The ginkgo tree whose leaves turn bright yellow in the fall came to this country from Asia. Comma Quiz - uwosh. Japanese comma Arabic comma combining comma below Punctuation; apostrophe Grammar and Punctuation Study Guide 3: Capitalization and Punctuation MA/2015 Page 4 Commas 1. Use a comma to set off a short clause A clause is a group of words having a subject and a verb. 5: Use commas to separate adjectives of equal rank. Mechanics - Punctuation - Commas. Our commas worksheets can be used for a variety of grade levels. The first post dealt with commas and coordinating conjunctions. My brother, who is single, lives in New York City. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Use commas to offset appositives from the rest of the sentence. Colons emphasize what you're introducing because it makes the reader stop and pay attention to what's coming up. Sophie must attend drug and alcohol counseling, find steady employment, and secure acceptable child care in order to meet the requirements of the family service plan. Is it any use expecting them to be on time. , Yes, thank you), to set off a tag question from the rest of the sentence (e. Six Common Rules for Comma Use . Directions: Rewrite the 5. Janaki, my sister, is an eminent cardiologist. Making contractions - use apostrophes to make contractions (e. A) 5. Before or after adverbial units. Explanation: . It may also be the most misunderstood. 46 COMPARISON & MIXED CONSTRUCTION:Exercise 67(P1,P2,P3) PUNCTUATION:Exercise 70; Exercise 71; Exercise 72(); Exercise 73;:Exercise 23; Exercise 26(P1,P2) MECHANICS:Exercise 78; SENTENCE COMBINING SKILLS:Exercise 61(P1,P2,P3); Exercise 62; Exercise 63(P1,P2); Exercise 65; Exercise 66 DIRECTIONS: Create your own sentence to accompany each of the following comma rules. Where Do You Put Quotes When Using a Registered Trademark? Commas in Compound Sentences Use a comma to separate independent clauses in a compound sentence when they are separated by a conjunction. It is the most common punctuation mark but has to be used carefully. This is where two simple sentences (each with a subject and a verb) are joined by for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so. The fourth rule of comma usage involves nonessential clauses and phrases. Wading into the cool lake we found relief from the heat. In the following exercise you will be asked to add commas to a given sentence. Nonessential elements need to be offset with commas, both before and after. A colon is used to separate elements of a mathematical ratio. To set off a direct quotation from the rest of a Commas in Compound Sentences. Punctuation Quiz 5 . The following chapters contain explanations on English comma rules. These uses Rule #5: Parenthetical Words and Phrases. However, you will find that in English there are many other ways to use the comma to add to the meaning of a sentence or to emphasise an item, point, or meaning. The learner is supposed to put commas in the Writing Style Guides and Exercises: Comma Usage and Sentence Structure . we will -> we'll) Commas. Click on “Privacy Answer : Comma Exercise 5 5. Any phrase that interrupts a sentence and is not grammatically tied to the sentence should be set off by commas. Instructions. There are some cases where you know you should use a comma – such as when separating items in a list – but there are other times when you might be unsure whether or not a comma is needed. Punctuation - Commas These printable worksheets can be used to teach your students about correct placement of commas in their writing. To avoid comma splices, you first need to be able to identify an independent clause. 8. When giving a short and simple list of things in a sentence, the last comma (right before the conjunction–usually and or or) is optional, but it is never wrong. kasandbox. If removing the element changes the meaning of the sentence, it is essential. One of the car’s safety features for example is the braking system. ] Keep track of your answers with this accompanying handout. This may be a series of nouns, verbs, prepositional phrases, adjective clauses, etc. . Also, our Rule 5 of Semicolons says, “Use the semicolon between two sentences joined by a coordinating conjunction when one or more commas appear in the first sentence. Using Commas with Introductory Phrases. Exercise 4 - Using commas to separate independent clauses; Exercise 5 - Using commas to separate unessential information; Exercise 6 - Using commas to separate dependent and independent clauses; Exercise 7 - Using commas to separate day from month and year; Exercise 8 - Using commas to separate city from state or country; Apostrophes Exercises. Using Commas to Separate the Introductory Elements : Grammar : Fifth Grade English Language Arts Worksheets. The sentence’s stated subject is I. Primary Worksheet Exercises: Each sentence below is wrong; it has a comma splice. When the intermission was over, the members of the audience moved back to their seats. Using because to connect sentences. B. J. Please visit Conventions of Standard English or Grammar to view our large collection of printable worksheets. 20 J. 1 Comma SIX MAIN USES OF THE COMMA Commas are used mainly as follows: 1. <br />Example: She has two dogs, three cats, one bird, and five fish in her house. Put commas between items in a list. Introductory word: Exercise 1. Change the comma to semicolon. Words: Spelling . Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Use a comma before a conjunction (and, but, or, yet, so) to join two independent clauses. Commas – Basic Lesson 2: Commas After Introductory Elements “Short Stuff” Many sentences begin with introductory “stuff” that doesn’t quite flow with the rest of the sentence. Alexander Pope, the Restoration poet, is famous for his monologues. This self-paced course will help you learn what you need to polish your grammar and punctuation skills. This is the shortest my hair has ever been. Commas (,) Commas are used between items in a series or list. Example 1: Incorrect: In case you haven’t noticed my real name doesn’t appear in the article. In other words, it can be removed and the sentence still makes sense and is grammatically correct. Some people say to always use it and other people say to only use it when leaving it out would cause confusion. Commas are also used between adjectives or adverbs: I'd like to have a big, black, German car. Rule: Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, yet, so, or nor, for) when it joins two complete ideas (independent clauses). Nonrestrictive appositives are set off with commas; restrictive appositives are not. >> Directions: In numbers 1-7, write the coordinating conjunctions. Fixing Sentences with Introductory Phrases 4 . <br />Example: He was born on August 4th, 1990. Punctuate sentences with commas - add missing commas to sentences. An independent clause is a complete sentence that can stand on its own grammatically. ” You can use “therefore” in the middle of a sentence that includes 2 independent clauses, but not a sentence that contains dependent clauses. Keep in mind, however, that many dependent clauses will be essential and will not require a comma. Does Punctuation Go Inside Quotation Marks? When to Use Exclamation Marks. Use commas to set off a nonrestrictive clause in the middle of a sentence, but not to set 5. Commas function in four main ways: 1. If you don’t know what that’s all about, don’t worry. English comma rules and exercises; Major Comma Uses · Notes on Commas · Comma guidelines  Major Comma Uses - Exercise 5. When combined with a comma, the semicolon can be used in elliptical constructions.  Use commas, not semicolons, after an independent clause (it could stand alone as a full sentence) joined with another independent clause by a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). Although we are often taught that commas are used to help us add 'breathing spaces' to sentences they are, in fact, more accurately used to organise blocks of thought or logical groupings. Quiz questions will challenge your comprehension of comma rules Rule #3: Use a comma to set off nonessential elements. Free grammar worksheets with no login required. Use a semi-colon (;) before and a comma (,) after however when you are using it to write a compound sentence. Check out this great punctuation game for kids. Adverb phrases at the beginning of the sentence, now introductory prepositional phrases, are usually separated from the sentence by a comma unless they are very short (three words or fewer) and it is easy to tell where the phrase ends. If it is a true compound sentence with a coordinating conjunction, place the comma correctly. On the counter sat a bundle of old letters. In numbers 8-20, read each sentence carefully and find the conjunction. If the introduction is less than 3 words, a comma is considered optional. 4kg (4 kilograms)10m (10 metres) 5m dollars (5 million dollars) Commas are used in numbers to indicate units of thousands and millions: 7,980 (seven thousand, nine hundred and eighty) 11,487,562 (eleven million, four hundred and eighty-seven thousand, five hundred and sixty-two) We use full stops, not commas, to indicate decimal points: 6. I paid $3,500 for my new boat. Punctuation Games for Kids . g. The exercises are categorized in different topics and levels. Use a comma to separate independent clauses (complete thoughts) when they are joined by these transition words: and nor for or so but yet • Max started writing the draft two weeks ago, and he completed it today. Use commas because the clause is not necessary to identify the bridge. If you are learning English language you can use these exercises to improve your English for free. Semicolon or Comma Answer Key Directions: determine whether the clauses need to be joined with commas or semicolons. However Comma-Worksheet-5 · Put the Commas in the  The rules for comma usage in Spanish are very similar to those in English, but 5. 2c – Use a comma to set off the words yes and no (e. There are lots of rules about comma usage, and often the factors that determine whether you should use one are quite subtle. Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Directions: Add commas to the following sentences where needed. ) Joining sentences with however, moreover, etc. ) Here are some examples: Commas How to use them Commas - , A comma is a punctuation mark It tells us to take a brief pause when we are reading – not as long as a full stop. Although commas typically follow coordinating conjunctions used in areas other than the beginning of a sentence, they should not be used after coordinating conjunctions used to open sentences unless an interrupter immediately follows. She will enjoy [semicolons used in lists that also require commas] 5. Use Exercise. therefore, no commas are used. , It’s true, isn’t it?), and to indicate direct address (e. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Average 4. Here are some guidelines: Using Dashes. If you use a comma correctly you have the ability to make the meaning of sentences clear by If you use a comma correctly you have the ability to make the meaning of sentences clear by grouping and separating words, phrases, and clauses. I need to buy a dress , so I am going to the mall . Major Comma Uses - Exercise 1. We stayed at an expensive summer resort. Punctuation practice: Answers. Using Commas to Separate the Introductory Elements : Grammar : Fifth Grade English Language Arts Worksheets Here is a collection of our printable worksheets for topic Using Commas to Separate the Introductory Elements of chapter Conventions of Standard English in section Grammar . Between all items in a series. Use a comma after an introductory phrase more than 3 words. 5) His Wife’s Life Depends Upon It. Rule 3. In some cases, a comma splice is used as a device to make the language more effective or create an impact. To separate items in a series 2. Commas in Compound Sentences. Its main use is for separating parts of sentences. Yes, No, Sure - insert commas after Yes, No or Sure at the start of sentences. Chapter 11 Practice Test: Commas and Semicolons In the space provided, write C if the sentence is correctly punctuated, and correct other sentences with a comma or a semicolon . Donate or volunteer today! Ah, the comma. Example: Incorrect: The grammarian thinks that comma splices are inherently evil, she thinks no one should use them. Semicolon: Each sentence below is wrong; it has a comma splice. Writers who are confident that they know how to write can therefore dispense with the mandatory Oxford comma. After he finished his studies, he joined the army. However, be consistent: either use it routinely or don't use it at all. • After a heavy meal, he felt tired. Even when the house looks clean , there is usually a bunch of dirt swept under the rug. 4 In other languages; 5 Computing; 6 Diacritical usage; 7 See also . Example: That was the best day of my life , the day when my daughter was born. The comma goes after the first clause and before the coordinating conjunction that separates the clauses. Okay, now on to commas. The recipe needed jam flour sugar fruit eggs ketchup and baking powder. . Otherwise, select no comma. choose the sentence with the correct comma placement. After a hard day at 5   Think that you know commas? You may be surprised. Having lost all my The good news, however, is that while comma splices are quite common, they are easy to fix. When writing a location in a sentence, we use commas to separate the city from the state. Here is a collection of our printable worksheets for topic Commas: Items in a Series of chapter Conventions of Standard English in section Grammar. “Ready, Set, Go” yelled the mom before the treasure hunt. The sister told the brother “of course I will pick you up. I went home early yesterday, but I still missed his call. Rule #3: Use a comma to set off nonessential elements. Comma Exercise #1 · Key . Comma Exercises Correct each sentence by writing it with commas in the correct places. Apr 26, 2019- Explore akinsleslie's board "Comma Rules", followed by 574 people on Pinterest. (5) The new regulations concern students, research fellows, and post-doctoral researchers. Comma worksheets are suitable for the fourth to seventh grades and provide great grammar practice. 5 feet (3,20 metres), or 1,48 bar (21. 9. The modifying clause adds extra information. Do this by clicking on the red button next to your choice. Even the most experienced writers have problems remembering all the rules. Feeling tired, I went to bed. After an introductory element. This post is the fourth in a series of posts on comma use. USE A COMMA AFTER AN INTRODUCTORY CLAUSE OR PHRASE. In the correct sentence, all commas that appear are necessary. 4: Use commas to set off modifiers that are not essential to the reader's ability to identify a particular person, place or thing. algae (N) – a simple plant without stems or leaves that grows in or near ocean water . Directions: Punctuate the following sentences with commas. They are separated by "and". Exercise 1. edu Instructions. Series of Adjectives . These exercises were created with Hot Potatoes software. Example: If you want to get good grades, you need to do your homework. Commas Without Exercises GR7. Since appositives are set off by commas, each sentence should, therefore, contain a comma or commas. 020 USD per word! The comma in German can be used in the following contexts: Subordinate clauses, Enumerations, Decimal point INFO: your browser cannot play sound files WE USE COOKIES (our own and third party) in order to offer a better service and to display Ads. Sometimes the “stuff is a short group of words called a phrase or a clause. If so, select the pair of words between which the comma should be placed. Directions: In numbers 1-7, write the coordinating conjunctions. The comma is used to indicate a pause between parts of a sentence. These comma rules are standard except one: the “Oxford” comma. Used properly, commas make the meaning of sentences clear by grouping and separating words, phrases, and clauses. Using Commas. Consider the following letter a reader wrote to Time in response to that magazine's policy of omitting the final comma before the conjunction: The answers for the comma worksheet can be found on the second page of the PDF. e. When an address is part of a sentence, use a comma after each item; however, o not put a comma between the name of a state and the Zip code. Learn how to use the comma, you will find the answer on the 2nd page of the PDF. 7. She speaks slowly, You can use a comma and one of your FANBOYS to separate two complete sentences. (“day” is repeated and is described further after the comma). Use a colon when introducing a quotation with an independent clause. Use a comma before a conjunction --- and, but, or, nor, for, so, or yet---to separate two complete sentences. Appositives offer nonessential information. Writers who don't use the Oxford comma Edit. Rule: An appositive is a noun or noun Exercise: Place commas where they belong in the following sentences. Please forward my mail to 4795 Seaside Drive, Manisota, Florida 36006. Use a comma after all introductory elements. <br />Rule: Use a comma to separate a city from its state. Sal’s band plays loud, abrasive, complex music. _____ 2. If there is ever any doubt, use the comma, as it is always correct. When you are finished with each sentence (or, if you wish, wait until you've done them all), click on " Grammar's Version ," which will reveal how we would have punctuated the sentence. All worksheets are free for individual and non-commercial use. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Use commas to separate items in a list of three or more. This gives the reader a slight pause after an introductory element and often can help avoid confusion. Add commas. Click on  However, some people prefer to use commas before the and. Keep those commas in line by applying the rules! Pupils can use the first page here as a reference (it includes thirteen comma rules and examples for each) as they work through the two exercises provided for practicing proper punctuation. Make sure your work doesn’t end up appearing in a blog like ours, use our proofreading services. And it’s no wonder. using ‘however’ to begin a sentence If ‘however’ is used to begin a sentence, it must be followed by a comma, and what appears after the comma must be a complete sentence. And so does punctuation: The lack of one Oxford comma in a Maine state law just cost Oakhurst Dairy $5 million in The metric system (more properly the SI or Système International) is associated with Europe and so a lot engineers are used to seeing the decimal comma used with metric units, but the decimal comma used with American units. Differentiated from commas in lists to subordinate clauses at the start of the sentence, adverb openers and embedded clauses. (appositive) 2. Words have meaning (including incorrectly used words that can make you look dumb). An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence, or you can separate independent clauses using a semicolon. Major Comma Uses - Exercise 5 Directions: Rewrite the below sentences on the given line, placing commas where commas are needed. A comma is used when a verb is suppressed, i. Use a comma: 1. Directions: Rewrite the below sentences on the given line, placing commas where commas are needed. I’ll have pickles ketchup mustard and onions on this hot dog. Teach your students about the many different ways they can use commas, whether in compound sentences, in a series, in letters and greetings, or in a variety of other ways, with these comma exercises. The comma worksheets below are free for you to print and use at home or in the classroom. This organization supports self‐help projects that support low‐income families. Use a comma when an -ly adjective is used with other adjectives. They are used to indicate short pauses and serve various other functions. In our exercises you can practise what you've learned. When you are quoting someone's exact speech, Use a comma after common introductory words in a sentence, like however, clearly, and well. comma, A comma is used to separate phrases or items in a list. Although she is from a big city with a lot of exciting things to do I am sure she will enjoy visiting our farm. L. Commas (More Mandatory Uses). See more ideas about Teaching writing, Teaching english and Teaching. Exercise 5: Commas and Quotations Put commas where needed to separate quotes from non-quotes. When you do use a comma for a thousands-separator, do please make sure to write the digits flush against the comma — that is, without a space to either side of the comma: 10,000 , unlike in your own example. Apostrophes and contractions. That last comma before the “and” is called a serial comma, Oxford comma, or Harvard comma. However, be cautious because over-use of commas is a more common problem than under-use. So you might see. Between coordinate adjectives. To be a complete sentence, the clause must have both a subject and a verb. Use a comma to separate independent clauses in a compound sentence when they are separated by a conjunction. ” In addition, the word consciousness is not used correctly in your sentence. Comma Before But. Its used to connect new ideas to old ones, and to tell the reader when to pause a moment in their thinking (or in their speaking, if they’re reading out loud). Please correct it. 4th, 5th and 6th grade students will benefit from using the comma worksheets. Comma Rules. Examples: Jim Thompson gave his historic speech on March 3, 2002, in Chicago, Illinois. It is recommended that the comma be used cautiously and wisely. Rule 5: Use a comma when you have introductory words, prepositional phrases and _____. Rule 2. o It looks like it is going to rain, but the weather report on the radio said to expect sunshine all day. The grass is greener on the other side. when it is implied but not  List of Handwriting Exercises. The main rule for the use of commas in English is: Keep your sentences clear. Such use of a comma sometimes prevents ambiguity: . nonrestrictive relative clauses If a relative clause adds parenthetical, nondefining information, it is nonrestrictive . There marine iguana (in the Galapagos) is unique. Look for the  Use commas to separate items in a list of three or more. A) I need, sugar, butter, and eggs Commas: Items in a Series : Grammar : Fifth Grade English Language Arts Worksheets. They can be used more than one time in a sentence as well. If a sentence is correct, write “correct” after it. Example – “I wanted to go to the movie, but I had an exam the next day. Use a comma to set off a short clause at the end of the sentence to change a 5. Don't cheat by looking at Grammar's Version first. Although some publications treat this comma as optional, many more (including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times) do not. When you are joining two complete sentences, use a conjunction (and, but, for, or, nor, so) and put the comma before the conjunction. Important: Make sure you’re using the right FANBOYS for your situation, and you will never ever need more than one in a row. Use commas to punctuate this sentence. Examples: He was born in March 1981. Sometimes, journalists will omit the comma before the and connecting the last two members of a series, but it should always be used in college writing. Use a comma to separate two adjectives when the word "and" can be inserted between them. When joining main clauses with one of the above words, the clauses must be separated into two sentences or a semicolon must be used. Note that if the date had been written as "5 February 1990," then a simple comma following "1990" would have been appropriate. Commas can also join independent clauses as long as the comma is followed by a coordinating conjunction ( for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so ). Punctuation worksheets help familiarize students with the appropriate uses. Another basic rule is the use of commas after introductory adverbs that begin a sentence. Choose the absolute adjective in each group of sentences: We live in a blue house. 3: Use a comma following an introductory clause or prepositional phrase of four words or more. Use a comma to separate the name of a city or town and the name of its state, province or country. One of the most common comma mistakes is not using a comma before a coordinating conjunction (such as “but”) when the conjunction connects two independent clauses: Incorrect: The man ate the pie but he didn’t pay the bill. Sorry to disturb you could I speak to you for a moment. To separate words, groups and clauses in a series. Writers may use clarifying commas even if the prepositional phrase contains four or fewer words as in the following examples: "Before the snow flurry birds sought shelter," and "Before the snow flurry, birds sought shelter. Comma<br />Rule: Use a comma to separate words or items in a list. We went to Bar Harbor but did not take the ferry to Nova Scotia. Each sentence below contains an appositive, a word or phrase next to the noun that renames or describes that noun. As a result, some writers mix them when making conversions. This will turn the button yellow. Before attempting the exercise, you may find it helpful to review these three pages: Exercise 5 Fixing Comma Splices and Fused Sentences Directions: In the exercise that follows, you will read sentences that contain either a comma splice or a fused sentence . Use a comma if the year has more than 4 digits. 10. USE A COMMA TO SEPARATE INDEPENDENT CLAUSES. Ruth was invited to the party but she was ill so Jane went instead of her. Commas are used to make your writing more clear to the reader. But if the phrase is longer than four words, use a comma. Series of Items Use a comma to separate three or more items in a series. series. In the heat of a summer afternoon our air conditioner stopped. Answers will vary. What is a ”series”? Comma Uses: Exercise 1. Interactive Exercise; Keep track of your answers with this accompanying handout. Planning the itinerary buying supplies and packing emergency items are all part of good camping preparation. If you have completed the first four lessons, pat yourself on the back for coming this far! You are now well on your way to becoming an excellent typist. Directions: Using your mouse, put the parts of the sentence in order. In the English-speaking world, it is common to use commas every three decimal places in numbers of four or more digits, counting right to left. ) Comma Splice. Commas With Quotations When you are quoting someone's exact speech, you must use quotation marks and a comma. For example, you will have to use chloring, a strong disinfectant, in the pool, to keep it clean. The fiesty fire ant becomes quite agressive when his nest is disturbed. Commas Exercises. If a sentence needs no comma, write "correct" in the text box. " It is permissible to omit the comma after a brief introductory element if the omission does not result in confusion or hesitancy in reading. Commas make for a normal-looking sentence, but commas can be confused with other commas in the sentence. Exercise 5. Sam please hand me the ice cream cone. org are unblocked. In elliptical constructions. England, Russia and France formed an alliance. The Oxford comma, also called the serial comma, precedes the conjunction before the final item in a list of three or more items. Welcome to English Exercises . Some people brought food; others, EXERCISE 17–3 Major uses of the comma - 5 of 10: In each pair, click on the sentence that uses commas correctly. Three or More Independent Clauses If a sentence has three or more short, closely related independent clauses, separate them with commas, and put a comma before the conjunction: Discussion: missing parenthetical comma (CE, pages 103-104; CSW, page 263). dash — A dash is used to separate parts of a sentence. Do so only when it makes your writing more effective. Change the comma to a period. Place a comma after a transitional word that introduces a sentence. However, there was no need to repeat the data entry. Place commas wherever they are needed in the following sentences. Separate independent clauses using “therefore. Look at some of the following sentences to see how you might use a comma when You can use commas to list both adjectives and nouns. act II, scene vi; or act 2, scene 4 7. On both sides of words that interrupt the flow of thought in a sentence 4. Apostrophes. org. To prevent momentary ambiguity, use the comma: The robber tied up the mother, and her son ran for help. When to Use a Comma Before 'Because' You don’t automatically put a comma before the word because , but sometimes you need a comma there to make sure your meaning is clear. Discussion: missing parenthetical comma (CE, pages 103-104; CSW, page 263). Correct: The grammarian thinks. The good news, however, is that while comma splices are quite common, they are easy to fix. COMMA RULE #1 – THE COMMA IN A SERIES: Use commas to separate items in a series. CCSS. Rule 1: Use commas in a series of three or more items. My sister exclaimed, "You came home!" "I missed you," I said. Learning to use commas correctly is an important skill to have when writing or speaking the English language. Irregular Past Participle, Part 2. A) Use a comma after the state if you spell out the name of the state. Comma Worksheets (Grades 3-5) Commas in a Series Cities Nonessential Information Lengthy Introductory Phrases Adjectives Conjunctions Introductory Phrases Direct Quotation Adverb Clauses Commas in a Series (individual items may consist of multiple words) Commas in a Series (individual items may consist of phrases or clauses) Commas in a Series that Modify a Noun Tag Quotations Use commas to punctuate lists of things and actions! If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. As you already know, the semi-colon is the home row key for the right pinky. Your parenthesis will be easily seen, but dashes can look a little stark. Use #5: Separating two or more adjectives that modify the same noun, if you can substitute the word and for the comma. Too many commas might be distracting; too few might make the text difficult to read and understand. We had a great time in France the kids really enjoyed it 2. A comma marks a slight break between different parts of a sentence. In German: „EUR 999, 50“ or „EUR 2, 5 Millionen“ In English: “EUR 999. When you need to pause slightly to make the writing make sense, you probably need a comma. Use a comma to separate related measurements written as words. Quotes. The clause following "them" ("they were such huge fans of those shows") is an independent clause. “Gas is too expensive” said the experienced driver. X,Y, and Z. Comma quiz answer key 8 a. A few basic rules for comma usage include the use of commas to separate independent clauses in a sentence and the use of commas after introductory clauses or phrases. ITEMS IN A SERIES: use commas to separate items in a series of grammatical equals. However, feedback regarding their mistakes must be given in order for them to learn from the punctuation worksheets. >>. Where Do You Put Quotes When Using a Registered Trademark? Exercises on using commas - Exercise 1 - Exercise 2 - Exercise 3 - Exercise 4 - Exercise 5 - print and give to students as worksheets Power Proofreading - Choose 5th grade then select; The Tanaka Twins , or any one of the mixed practice exercises. Use a comma to set off parenthetical (non- essential) words and phrases EXERCISE: Place commas where they are needed and fill in the number of the . Students will learn where to put a comma when writing dates, addresses, They' ll also learn when and how to use commas with introductory words and  Are you looking for worksheets and activities to help your students better understand how and when to use commas? Check out these free comma resources! Dangling Participles Exercise · Parallel Structure Verb Tense, Tense Use in Academic Writing · Tense Use in Literary 5 Places to Use Commas · Commas Commas, the peskiest of punctuation marks, have six main uses. In 1992, Starbucks had under 200 stores; ten years later, over 5,000. Punctuation worksheets for grade 1 students from K5 Learning. , Is that you, Steve?). Commas Commas can change the meaning of a sentence Title of book Eats shoots and leaves. He walked down the street, and then he turned the corner. Using commas to separate items in a list. Anna’s grandmother is good at making fudge, nursing hurt animals, tending fruit trees, The comma - answers to exercise. Missing Commas in Paragraphs Directions: Read the paragraphs and add any needed commas. If the items in the list are longer and more complicated, you should always place a final comma before the conjunction. [commas used for listing] 6. Uses of the comma. 5 out of 5 (1 Vote) Fun with Commas 2 Commas are mainly used in lists, in separate clauses, in direct speech and to mark off parts of a sentence. (The main clause is that core part of a sentence that makes it a complete sentence; that is, it expresses a complete thought. All worksheets are created by experienced and qualified teachers. What Are the Roles of Commas in Sentences? Commas are the most used punctuation marks in almost every written language. Use a comma to separate a dependent clause (incomplete thought) from an independent clause (complete thought). For more information, see page 1378. Comma Placement - Exercise 5. A comma should be used after an introductory word, phrase, or clause. Learn the basics of Comma Use. Again there is no need for a comma to split the month name and date number. Use #6: Separating two clauses if a dependent marker is used to start the sentence. In the morning we got up and got ready for work. In this case, the comma serves as an ellipsis, eliminating the need to repeat an understood portion of the initial clause. That’s a short dress. Before a coordinating conjunction to join 2 independent clauses. In business writing, media writing or even in writing personal letters and emails, proper grammar helps you portray your message clearly and projects intelligence on your part. It can introduce a word, phrase, sentence, quotation, or a list. Use a comma to separate two adjectives when the word and can be inserted between them. Robinson/Revised Winter 2009 7 Commas are also not used when you use indirect speech to report what someone said. sometimes good writers will omit the comma after very short phrases or clauses if there is no possibility of misreading; however, for the exercises in this book, you should follow Rule 4 Comma Rule 5 Use commas to separate the parts of dates and addresses within sentences. Use a comma after prepositional phrases of five or more words, use a comma to eliminate confusion, and use a comma when a series of prepositional phrases starts the sentence. 20. Dashes Look at some of the following sentences to see how you might use a comma when writing a sentence. I like spaghetti, fish, pizza and couscous. To separate two or more nouns, adjectives, or adverbs that come together Rule: Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, yet, so, or nor, for) when it joins two complete ideas (independent clauses). While a comma often denotes a pause, it may also clarify the meaning of words, as in coordinating adjectives. Note: The final comma in the list is optional. For example, in the case of a nonrestrictive clause, which provides information that is not essential to the sentence's meaning, commas should be included. Here you will find thousands of online English exercises created by teachers from all over the world. In this lesson we will learn how to type commonly used punctuation marks. Commas, parentheses and dashes are used in writing to mark these comments as extra-information or as an afterthought to the sentence. Use a comma in a compound sentence. 10 J. Do not use a comma if the day or year is left out. It was my aunt who took Peter to London yesterday not my father. I want to see that new movie, but I am too late. Symbol for the “thousands separator” In German: „US-$ 400. Any element, regardless of the length, coming before the main clause should be punctuated with a comma. Typing Exercise 5. Comma Uses – Exercise 5 Directions: Rewrite the below sentences on the given line, placing commas as needed. Exercise 2 Comma Exercise. In such cases, the use of comma splice is acceptable and justifiable. The comma placed before and ( or, nor) is not obligatory, but it is recommended because it sometimes disambiguates the sentence. When to Use Commas in English Sentences After a conjunction to link complete sentences a. Being fat, she couldn’t run fast. The new player really tries doesn't he! Answers: 1. V. Use a comma to separate references to a page and line. Beverly Hills 90210 was a very popular T. The last two items of the series usually do not need a comma between them. Read through the following excerpt from Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio with a partner. ~ Use a comma to separate the dependent clause from the independent when it follows the independent one if the dependent clause is nonessential. I was very embarrassed when my husband who was only slightly drunk crashed down the stairs. Use a comma to set off an appositive word or phrase that is used to describe or identify another noun. So now you should fully understand the importance of punctuation. Comma Placement to Set Off Appositives. Grade Level: Second Grade , Third Grade , Fourth Grade , Fifth Grade Use a comma to interrupt a sentence or to provide additional information. The second dealt with non-standard commas and punctuating for length. Before and after words used in apposition to a noun. Commas indicate short pauses in the speech in written form, separate items in a list, are used with conjunctions, separate one clause from another, and are also used to enclose extra or unnecessary information within the text. Jessica sings with power passion and strength. There are many punctuation marks: period, comma, colon, and others. For instance, if the two independent clauses in question are very short, or if one is trying to express opposite statements, a comma splice may be used. Here are some examples. Insert any necessary comma or commas (being careful not to insert commas where they aren't necessary). Use a comma before these joining words when you are constructing a compound sentence. As we have gone over in this article, a comma splice is one type of run-on sentence. <br />Rule: Use a comma to separate the day of the month from the year. If no comma is needed, write "correct" in the text box below the sentence 1. The comma, period, and forward slash are the bottom row keys for the right hand middle finger, ring finger and pinky, respectively. Commas function in five main ways: 1. Comma Exercise. Adding Commas in a Series Worksheet Using this Adding Commas in a Series Worksheet, students add commas to prewritten sentences to show correct usage. He is a strong, healthy man. ” A parenthesis can be shown using two brackets, two commas, or two dashes. In one of the examples above, “but” was used as a conjunction to correct a comma splice. View the full list of topics for this grade and subject categorized by common core standards or in a traditional way. My son is five feet, four inches tall. These phrases add information to a sentence, but do not have a subject and verb that are separate from the subject and verb in the main clause of the sentence. A comma signals a pause in a sentence, either to introduce or connect ideas, separate items in a series, or set off a quotation or interrupted thought  Commas separate parts of sentences from each other, and they do so in many different ways. Parentheses. It is important know how to use commas correctly in a sentence. Exercise : Comma Exercise 5. Besides the period, the comma may be the most used punctuation mark in English. The comma ( , ) is a punctuation mark that appears in several variants in different languages. Irregular Past Participle, Part 1. Punctuating letters - punctuate the letters, including dates, with commas. A comma is generally used to separate two or more independent clauses in a compound sentence that is joined by a coordinating or, occasionally, a correlative conjunction. primary comma splice worksheet and the supplemental exercise sheet. The first one is a set of 20 sentences, and the second is a short text. King and Lucille, his customized black Gibson, have electrified audiences all over the world. Why don’t you choose a longer style? Just because it’s the shortest dress doesn’t mean it’s the most stylish. However, parentheses and dashes are used too. My Friend's Visit Jenny my best friend from summer camp is coming for a visit this weekend. 5 million” Notice how in UK/US English a decimal point, and not a comma, is placed as separator before the cents (the fractional part of the decimal number). Nonessential vs. Commas are used after introductory clauses and phrases, to set off interruptions within the sentence, with nonrestrictive phrases and clauses, and between items or modifiers in a series. (Hint: Remember the word formed downward by the first letters of each joining word. Add or delete commas where necessary in the following sentences. Transition words are also followed by commas on most occasions. You must use all words and punctuation marks. To separate some non-defining phrase from the rest of the sentence. The main reasons for the closure were low enrolment, poor learning material, staff recruitment problems and inadequate funds. The third dealt with the importance of knowing when you need a pair of commas. November 1, 2015; I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Use a comma any time you combine two independent clauses with any of the seven coordinating conjunctions (and, but, so, for, or, nor, yet): I can’t go to the dance , but you should go without me . But fear not! Below, you’ll find guidance for Use appropriate punctuation marks in the following sentences. Points awarded: 1 out of 1 6 of 10 A. I follow the The Chicago Manual of Style, and that means I use (and recommend) a comma after the last item in a series. It’s a style choice. The artist preferred to paint in oils ; he did not like water colors. Johns going to sleep during the wedding was rather embarrassing. Comma quiz answer key 8 Python Conditional: Exercise-13 with Solution. Essential Clauses Use commas around a “nonessential clause,” which is material that is extra information and does not change the meaning of the sentence when taken out. Answers for Photocopiable 1, ‘Punctuation practice: Pause for commas – Park rangers’. 5 (six point five) Comma Rules. Robinson/Revised Winter 2009. The answer, therefore, is that no comma is needed before the but. EXERCISE 17-4 Major uses of the comma study guide by launchpadsoloanswers includes 10 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Never use a comma in a four-digit year. Interactive Exercise [This exercise was created with Hot Potatoes software. This worksheet is designed to teach you the role of commas and in which instances they are necessary. John for example likes to work. Shifts in Person Exercise #5 · Shifts in Person  5. Irregular Past Simple, Part 2. Topics include comma placement in dates, using commas in lists, and using a comma to separate quotations in dialogue. Back to top Apostrophes. These worksheets cover ending punctuation (periods, question marks and exclamation marks), punctuation in dates and use of commas. Note that when the adverb clause comes after the principal clause or when it is very short, the comma is usually omitted. From only $0. The colors of the sunset include red  Learn how to use the comma, you will find the answer on the 2nd page of the PDF. comma uses exercise 5

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