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Best way to insure that I hear from you is text message. $142. FBG Lectron Drag Racing Carbs : Lectron carburetors 38mm, 40mm, 44mm, 48mm. If you dont know what these are do some research. my question is. The carburetor is a 44mm Lectron with a Packard Racing oversize bowl. Haven't Around the time I met the folks from Lectron, I was having a few too many issues with the carb on my 2015 Suzuki DR650. Name-Brand Lectron Carb. wide open throttle and hange on. The following is a list of tips that every methanol fuel user should be aware of. What carbs seem to work best with the big holes? Would this motor produce better ET's with smaller carbs to help the first couple hundred feet or should I go big for top end? From some people that I've talked too, they say just use taper bored 44 rounds??? Freddie, what's your take on if I were to use Lectron's for this motor? 44's? 48's? Lots done to this bike, it started out as a 2010 ktm 450, that had the cr500 motor professionally mounted to the frame. Never heard of her. . We have the . Tuning Tips. Lectron Carburettors parts. Jetting Examples. any Honda CR500 Lectron Jetless Carb Starter Kit 40mm 1984 - 2001. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. 24 Jan 2019 With a Honda CR500 two-stroke wrapped in a custom chassis, it's not for Lectron came to the party too, with a special custom-built carb “that  Honda #CR250, VHM head, Lectron Fuel Systems carburetor. 0. but they do get a good wrap on how the engine feels once there are tuned. Most popular from #500r hashtag. Carburetor Starter Sale. Helps keep carb from freezing. Let me know if you or someone you know has one please Cheers Dazz Carb Disassembly/Cleaning. my frend has 32mm flat slides on his Looking to buy a Lectron carb to fit a 2015 300xcw. Mine is off my cr500. The carburetor creates this air/fuel ration by responding to the vacuum created inside the manifold of the engine. Together with this i use a Lectron 48mm carb with powerjet. I will be able to bolt the carb right into my original equipment. The Engine is built from new and modified Engine cases to make room and to matchport it for the cylinder kit. Our vision and dream is to help other bike enthusiasts and racers to build and create the bike of their dreams. Standard rear brake caliper with Goldfren disc. ,) would benefit from the added overrev of the 44mm Standard carb. Suzuki Performance Spares, your premier source for quality new and used motorcycle parts. Looks like you responded to my post on YFZTech too. These Lectron carburetors @lectronfuelsystems look interesting for sure. Smart carb or lectron carb for cr500 Snow bikes. For penton it was their new line of off-road bikes used for trails, enduro riding and later for their flagship bike that would enter the ever-growing motocross scene. Lectron: 44 years of winning, still made in the USA, and now available from Tucker. These carbs are relatively easy to find, as many other bikes had them. The only semi modern bike without a powervalve is the cr500. The Lectron/APT carbs are very simple. Re: added Lectron 44HV Carb/with Alky to the YFZ Thanks Old Man. and if I were to get the new 38mm carb what should i get for jets to start with. Their unique metering rod system does away with jets in the carb giving a much easier way to tune. 5-1, 4-2, and 3-2xl. This inexpensive service will reduce all our time of trying to find different rubber parts. how much unsure tho read allot of forums, seem they have issues, setting up jetting/ rods cutting the airbox etc, not sure if i want the hassle. $799. Please Note! These carb mods require some basic jetting and fine tuning skills. Hey Ash I spoke to lectron in Texas and had mine sent to a mate in US then he sent to me They are really good to deal with too . I am amazed at the price you can find these things here in the USA. pays to get the matching throttle and cable to so it all Works properly Lectron uses a special metering rod system that automatically adjusts for elevation and temperature change. 5 kiehin but will not take the gas with the 44 lectron of mine or friends carb. 2mm vs 2. My brother prefers lectrons over cranks but his sled is hard to access and the lectrons only have one needle. Site dedicated to the Yamaha WR500 Dirt Bike. 38mm Lectron Carbs Carb Bodies Carburetor Fuel Carburator Flat Slide Big Bore Trail Tech . It has a completely new top end with a lectron carb, cr250 ignition, upgraded stator and lots more. Lot of people think it's a piece of junk, but personally I'm very happy with the one on my other cr500. It is expensive!I hear the big lectron carbs are the way to go for big power 44 46 48 50 mm BITCHEN. Smart Carb Billet 36mm Slide over run 2. Lectron Carb - SOLD If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. This is a 38mm Lectron carb. The overall length was the same at 96mm. Lectron has a rich history in developing carbs for all types of engines. The bike is plated and is street legal. This Lectron carb kit includes We are the sole Asia Pacific/Australian importer of Lectron, Nihilo, and VHM products. $699. I work night shift so my schedule is all over the place. com. I could have sworn it was made out of wood? It bolted on straightup and ran great. 45 postage It's a 1985 Atc250r chassis with a 1986 cr500 motor, Cpi Race pipe, 44mm lectron carb, port job, milled head, decomp release, runs on race gas. My question is am I going to need to unplug TPS with the dirt bike cdi I know it will take care of the TORS but what about the TPS. Find Klr In Stock Now. Idles well, no blubbering or flat spots. Lectron have a rich history in developing carbs for all types of engines. Thank you for taking the time to understand the Lectron carburetor, please see the spec diagrams below for basic components of the Lectron carb: Learn more . What made the CR500 so legendary was its humongous 38mm flatside carb, brutally small power band, and dry weight of 101kg - making the bike accelerate like a rocket ship. bike 14/250 2 stroke. Lectron Carburetor Parts, Cables, Intake Manifold & Tools $3. Lectron Carb Australia offers jet-less carburetors, No jetting required, Ever! High performance racing MX, SX, Trail, Enduro, MotoGP motorcycle pre-tuned for easy start and max horsepower! Increased performance gains save fuel and win races! 2T / 2 Stroke carburettors now available from f1moto. View Product. Klr650,valve Exhaust Intake And Oil-seal,kit De Válvulas,12005-1085,escape ,ag, Leider hat der Suchserver nicht schnell genug reagiert. I believe they are 40mm carbs. 55 + eur 68. It has a completely new top end that is bored one size over from stock with a lectron carb, cr250 ignition and lots more. Here Fast -Personal Service 44mm lectron carb for sale If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Other older cr500 engines can be used but requires some adaptation and additional parts Please contact with any questions. 801-451-6142. #2SM #TwoStrokeMafia. We also used a Moto Tassinari Vforce2 reed assembly. Bikes range from 125's, 250's, 300's and even an older Honda CR500. 95 We have designed a clamp on style water jacket that fits on to the intake bell of the several carbs. You have to register before you can post, search or view our active topics: click the register link above to proceed. 00. Looking at the air Stryker pretty hard, thinking about looking into the stic metering block. 💪 💪 💪 #Honda #CR #500 #R #CR500 #CR500R #500R #Brap #Braaap #95 #1995 Used (normal wear), Lots done to this bike, it started out as a 2010 ktm 450, that had the cr500 motor professionally mounted to the frame. Slavens Racing has teamed up with Lectron Fuel Systems to produce the ultimate carburetor, the Slavens Mule H-Series Lectron Power-Jet Carburetor. 95. I don't know the condition of this stuff but as far as I know it was all working when I got This carb is almost twice the weight of 38mm PWK keihin carb and a around 1/2 inch longer through the ports and 1/2 inch taller as it is a billet machined unit so yes it is a tight squeeze. the quality of the carb itself was shit and to top it all off they come with shitty hardware. 540 kit,jemco pipe,stock ignition 4 degrees advance compression is 220 psi. $619. One has to factor in the real issues with this carb considering the year long delays with delivering to there customers, there has been multiple complaints in the fitment department (boot rubbing on shock/throttle cable too short) and the HP claims are just not there. A great drag carb, good on track ice & mx racing etc I use to run them on a few different Zs from stock to mod & we messed with them on some hondas 400ex/ 250r. I believe the 38mm with 3-2M is also good for later model white (and orange) 250-300 models. I have seen some people go to the Mikuni VM44. thanks Shawn Browse carburetor honda in stock and ready for shipping right now. i know mine is a bit smaller than your but i had no isues. C $612. . Lectron 48mm Pro Yamaha 34mm Lectron Carbs. It allows for jetting on the fly. I still have a couple. Quality, innovation, and design make Lectron carburetors superior to any other on the market. the top end kit is a 550cc Liger. a pro circuit works pipe,procircuit 304 silencer, and a keihin pwk 41mm pro series. I even know of 1 person running 2 carbs, 1 of which is case reed! I prefer the PWK 39mm for the big bores. Location: North bend Carburetor Intakes of Keihin, SmartCarb, and Lectron- Notice there are no outside-air vent tubes on the SmartCarb Smart carb with float bowl and floats- Venting tubes (left&right) go from upper scoop directly to float chamber Lectron carb - 2017 300EXC Finally got to install the Lectron carb a couple of days ago and tested for first time today. We offer hundreds of thousands of products from the finest brands for street, custom, touring and offroad motorcycles as well as ATVs and UTVs. do you know a basic setting for my carb. au. 95 $69. Compared to the big, bulky liquid-cooled CR500’s that followed it, the CR480 practically felt like a 125. Down-tuning the Lectron for the 400, vice the 440 motor that is was - truly sucked. Is your's made out of aluminum? I ran a Lectron on a 73 Sportster. I just picked up a Lectron 44 high velocity carb for my KX500, but I haven't had a chance to ride with it yet. As everyone states, it is very hard to tune, but everyone getting their tuning down locally in phoenix, is gonna have issues with that setup in higher elevations in arizona. my stroker shovel is going to be cv soon and the S&S e carb will go on the shelf with the B carb i ran for 20 Lectron problems again - KZRider Forum - KZRider, KZ, Z1 Kzrider. I guess in the big bores running anything larger than the 38mm would benefit top end but sacrifice low end. $500. Find Heating Parts For Sale Online. BRAND NEW Yamaha R1 Brake Reservoir Sock Covers are in stock!! 🔴Prevents discoloration of your plastic reservoir caused by the sun's UV rays 🔴Prevents brake fluid from getting on your motorcycle or th I am trying to decide to go back to stock or rebuild the Lectron carbs. The CR500's FCR - Flat-CR Racing Carburetor The carburetor no one can exceed. The carburetor must mix the air and fuel in the correct proportions to obtain an optimum air to fuel ratio. With the Lectron Carb it ran as many 2 days in a row. I also have an MRE shifter kit that was on the motor. eur 440. My guess is that the parts are limited and thus the price represents this I I was almost hesitant to post this monster, concerned that our passionate but sometimes purity-obsessed readers would find it less of an object of desire and more an abomination. 1991 CR 250 build. I have one tank of fuel threw this build. With associated 2 stroke throttle cable and throttle assembly. I'm selling my 17 carb'd KTM 300XC with the 36mm Lectron and selling this 38mm. 6mm discharge. time to buy something thinking lecton carb, better power, better range. Menu; It appears you have not yet registered with our FREE community. My Lectron looked like a Virginia Slims Cig Box with an adjustment on the top of the carb. We have the best prices on dirt bike, atv and motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories and offer excellent customer service. Has any body tried either a Smart carb or a Lectron on their bikes? The smart carb is a cool looking set up, internally vented so vent hoses or leaks when tipped over, self pressurising, adjustable needle height with a clicker adjuster and no jets . Thanks for your support! Modded 500s should consider stepping up to the 44HV for dunes and snow biking. jetting SuperMotoJunkie. Jeff Slavens was not impressed with the low-end performance of the `17-19 models so he asked for help from Kevin at Lectron. These had the power jet for top end, thats very easy to get to when jetting for top end also the bottom end can be ajt by just turning the needle. com having problem trying to run a lectron carb on my 91 kx500. Lectron call their carb a plug ‘n’ play fitment. Hotter bikes being used for dunes and snowbiking (525 kits with port work, drag pipes, etc. It replaced a bendix carb. https://instagram. What a fun machine! Top Lectron’s product depth and experience range from providing the quickest Hayabusa in the world with our new Injectrons (EFI Throttle Bodies) to equipping the dirt bike enthusiast with unparalleled throttle response, power and fuel economy with our new modified dirt bike Husqvarna & KTM carburetors. The heat from the engine will warm the intake of the carb and help prevent ice. Renthal Rear Sprocket $62. last time ill be using one of them. No jets means no fiddling around changing main jets and pilot jets for different weather and track conditions. 95 89 cr500 motor built by Millar race engineering 2013 yz250f  TRICK KAWASAKI KX125 TWO-STROKE. The adjustment tool is highly recommended in case you have to do any tuning. I do not no of any complete manifold kits. United States. 1983 CR480R My god what have I done? the choke assembly on the carb is stripped or something and requires a vice grip or 2 hands to work it. October 1975 - Lectron Products has introduced a high performance snowmobile carburetor that is said to ensure quicker starts, smoother running, better gas mileage and increased horsepower. 95 Select options. Specializing in ATV/Snowmobile Race Applications and Parts/Lectron Carburetor Distributor. He didn’t want the whole bike though: he was just after its monstrous single-cylinder, two-stroke power plant. For $26, Lectron is going to sleeve the spigot up to 45mm and turn down the inlet to 52mm. Their unique metering rod system does away with jets resulting in a much simpler tuning proccess. bike runs good with 40. Float Bowl . It’s not that the stock Mikuni TMX carburetor was terrible, because it wasn’t. Lectron is celebrating 45 years of helping riders get the most from their vehicles with our high performance carburetors and EFI. Keihin 34mm PJ Carburetor. It utilizes a variable venturi principle to deliver fuel/air particles in a more efficient and leaner-burning form than conventional designs. Component ID (detail) Leaking Carbs. a complete 89-01 CR500 engine with all electrical,(coil/cdi/kill switch) ,kickstarter. When looking to add 4-stroke tractor like torque to your 2-stroke and you need a pipe to withstand the harsh elements, this is the pipe for you. 95 Keihin 34mm PJ Carburetor If you need more fuel and air for your Yamaha Banshee the 34mm PJ set up is the best bang for your b. Slosh 112 wrote: . Honda CR500 Lectron Jetless Carburettor 40mm 1984 - 2001. 30 Nov 2018 The SmartCarb combines the best features from earlier flat-slide, variable-venturi carburetor designs and incorporates design features  My other question is I had a friend who had an 98 cr500 and had all the things mine has but . These are brand new genuine Keihin or Mikuni carbs with the RB modifications and uses genuine Keihin and Mikuni jets. squish is set at 1,2-1,3mm. The crank A few guys use Lectron flatslides but imo Keihin carbs should be a lot easier to tune and parts can be found locally when needed. Has anyone run the Lectron carbs? Is it worth it to buy new parts for them? Is there a large performance boost? Checked all over for a rebuild kit and only see Lectron parts from the company itself and it will cost ~ $100 for gaskets and float bowls. Float Bowl Upgrade Kit 2009-2018 Ktm 65 Sx 65sx No More Bogging 1986 Honda Atc125m Oem Carburetor Carb - Slide Cable Petcock Atc125 Atc 125 B58 $69. 21 $34. What if Suzuki never stopped rolling out two-strokes from their Toyokawa production plant back in 2008? What would Suzuki’s parallel universe look Catching up on the moto news with Popular Cycling. Unit 13 8-10 Technology Drive, Appin, NSW Australia. com Crankshop carbs work well, jmo try the 65x52 oval carb on that 685 single, we use them on our 800 twins (snowmobile race engines) with good results, 2-3 more hp than 56mm crankshop carb, or try the new 52mm lectron carbs, dyno'd 2 full mod 800 rotax engines last week with these new carbs and better than expected results, jmo any of these carbs will work well. 38 products Lectron 48mm Pro Mod Carb Set. i ran 1 line only. I guess alot of it depends on what kinda conditions your riding in. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Honda Cr500 1984 - 2001 Lectron 44mm Power Jet Carburetor Methanol Kit at the best online prices at eBay! With a 505cc big bore courtesy of a Wiseco 91 mm piston, a port job, 44 mm Lectron Carb, Boyesen Reeds, and more, this 1995 CR500 has plenty of power. RBSR TC 125 build. LECTRON CARBURETOR GASGAS 250 300 EC XC GP GAS GAS CARB 2018-2019 FUEL 250 300. New 50mm + Pro Stock carbs! Lectron High Velocity Carburetor Husqvarna/KTM 250-300 available at Blackfoot Direct. He is running a small carb (36mm) on that KTM 300. For those not familiar. Had simular problems until I increased the float level, installed the foam in the bottom and also installed an aluminum spacer between the carb body and the float bowl which increased the float bowl capacity to hold more fuel. Supposedly the hot ticket is the PWK version, that the kx500 ran or the Airstriker model that up until recently were on the KTMs. WATCH VIDEO. These manifolds work fine and are trouble free. $899. The YZ85 has a powervalve. dt200r lol. lectronfuelsystems. (excluding minis, non performance bikes etc) Lectron has a longer throat so they don't spool rpm as fast as cranks. 5 PWK from a later model KX500 would be a good cheap upgrade over the stock 38 PJ carb on the CR. It is also supplied with a Custom pro throttle cable as the original will not allow complete lift of the slide. Well as far as electron carbs go, The ones I have used are very easy to tune and jet. pays to get the matching throttle and cable to so it all Can anyone help me find a good starting point for the length of the metering jet and how many turns out on the power jet? I have a 68mm cheetah cub, 4 mil hot rod crank, 115mm long rods, msd coil, v-force 3 reeds and 40mm letron alcohol carbs. the choke on mine would never stay up either. Depending on access to the carbs, the carbs do not have to be removed from the engine. Find carburetor honda for sale here online! Find Heating Parts For Sale Online. au Lectron is one of the most respected names in drag racing. It was a mess. 29 Select options. Should be a pretty sweet engine for Tevan's first bike. When using a Lectron you will experience - Full range linear throttle performance Increased fuel eco Shop for Fuel and Air Intake Systems, like Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Dude had a cracked cylinder, and went stock-bore. Lectron Carb for sale now at Ebay! Recently purchased Lectron 48mm carb. Price Highest . 1175 W. 84025 . Had to mess around a bit to get the correct amount of throttle free play but easy enough. here are a few details on the bike. You get the simplicity of a carb with the benefits of fuel injection! Lectron carbs provide higher peak horsepower, better bottom end torque, faster throttle response, better fuel efficiency, and of course you don't have to swap jets ever! Stock carb is the Keihin PJ. There is one special item that will be fitted to this CR500AF, and that is the Pulse Injection. Anyone have an opinion on Lectron carburetors? I've heard they are good for race only, but I have heard that they have become a great street carb now-a the lectron 44mm carb will probably gum up and stick if your running pump gas. i have a nock off 5/16 fuel petcock with an inline fillter. yes u read correctly. The Lectron Legacy carburetor is your hi, i have cr500 2001. 69. Then we started in on the chassis. carbs are for sale as a lot or single 25 bucks and shipping. It's based on a CR500 frame from 1990. Shop now. I have a lot of experience with the Lectron's, in particular. Find starter carburetor for sale here! 36mm Lectron carb Throttle cable Meter rod adjuster Up to and inc 2016 KTM/Husky/Beta 125/150/200 - R7000(Was R7300) Includes: 36mm Lectron carb Throttle cable Meter rod adjuster Spare meter rod for 250/300 when you upgrade Carb(s) can be couriered country wide at cost, or collected in Pretoria East. Its short wheelbase, light weight, steep geometry and low center of gravity all combined to make the 480 the king of corners. $1,037. Carb Sync. Carburetor Oem Zama Stihl Bg45 Bg46 Bg55 Bg65 Bg85 Sh55 Sh85 C1q-s55a M Gca20. No more jetting problems period. Engine was fully torn down and rebuilt with a weisco pro lite piston and cylinder was bored 303225683323 1986 HONDA ATC 250R 500R CR500 engine - $4,000. :) 0 27 1 hour ago Eventually, I'll be going back to the stock carb when the supermoto gets the new engine running a 44mm Lectron This engine and stock carb will be going into my 07AF woods weapon. 3. Silencer repacked. 87-04 Intruder 1400 Carbs Carb Bodies Carburetor Fuel Bowl Rack Carburator. but instead a metering rod in place of the jet needle hanging out of the slide. $485. They are good carbs that make excellent peak HP, but in my experience, the Keihins are better for MX. com u should be able to get plenty of fuel through that pingle. stock 500 steering bar. F1moto. They dont use needles. for the early CR500 Honda MX The carb features all the required Lectron Off Road Modifications, 'shorty' body and billet float bowl support. We have heater units for the Lectron, billet Smart carb, cast Smart carb, Keihin PWK and the Keihin FCR carb. The Slavens 2 Stroke EZ Air Screw allows you to handily adjust your 2 strokes pilot air circuit with your fingers, no tools needed. 1985 Yamaha Tri Z: cool head,vf 3, 39 pwk, dynoport exh, bartlette racing port, metal tech +2 swinger 1982 Honda 250r: answer exh, vm32, moss reeds, wiseco piston, +2 swinger. They carry a boot but,you have to build the manifold. Chris There are two differant lenghts of the 38mm Keihin Air Striker pwk I was planning to use a 96-97 KX250 factory carb. Browse ds650 hpr 48hv lectron carb kit pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket The FMF Gnarly pipe focuses on increasing the lower RPM horsepower and torque to get you out of the toughest terrain. Basically, you'll need to remove the fuel line from the petcock on the carb side (single line side), remove the petcock mounting bolt, remove the top fuel tank bolt, remove the tank strap at the bottom of the tank, and remove the radiator shroud bolts that attach the shrouds to the radiators. Of course, the Lectron will work with most 2-strokes with just a switch to the appropriate needle. Carburetor Vent Tubing by 7602 $13. 38mm Lectron Carbs Carb Bodies Carburetor Fuel Carburator Flat Slide Big Bore. I was running Smartcarb on TE250, and ended up ditching mine after 3 months, when it worked it worked absolutely amazing super crisp, lots of power and major gains on over-rev, but I could never get the float right, I believe due to the angle at which the carb sits on that bike. Basic Tuning Guidelines. 2004 KTM Project build. i have buy a v-force 2. Compare . gearbox is modified with cut gears and the clutch is a Hinson/Barnett with carbon fibre discs and tough springs. They are a good carb in many ways. We’ve installed the Lectron Power Jet Carburetor on our 2015 KTM 250 XC and our test rider extraordinaire Michael Allen is putting it through the paces as you read this inside Product Of The Week. BECOMING A DEALER. Why Carson didn't use an KX250F aluminum frame or a 144cc kit, but did use Showa air forks and an Lectron carb Description 2 Stroke EZ Air Screw for Keihin PWK Carburetors by Slavens. Klr650,valve Exhaust Intake And Oil-seal,kit De Válvulas,12005-1085,escape ,ag, I am amazed at the price you can find these things here in the USA. With any other carb you just bolt in jets and needles, set the idle and you're done. We custom make for these bikes and more: KTM 300; Honda We all know that Yamaha definitely needed to spice up their new modern looking two strokes, not much as in appearance but much more on the performance side of things, for the first time in Yamaha Motorcycles History they have now announced the new YZ500 Model. Stock carb is the Keihin PJ. Please call or text me at 916-622-093two new lectron micro switch This is a discussion about new lectron micro switch within the Garage Sale section, where you will Members Used Items For Sale or Trade; New in the package lectron carb top with built in micro switch for nitrous. Lectron has come out with a shorter throat carb which will help. About: With new ownership and innovative people at the helm of this amazing company, Lectron carbs have gotten a huge 'reboot' and have further developed there ranges of carburetors to suit a wider range of vehicles and now offer minimal tuning; making most applications 'plug & play Lectron Carb Sale. Posted by Dominicturbo on Wednesday, April 03, 2019 9:23 PM Looking to speek with a guy called Rob Shoping. Plug Chops. So far, I love the carb. Used about 40 hours total. Air shifters & Parts APE Apparel Bottom end Carburetors and Parts Chains And Sprockets Chassis Accessories Clutches and Clutch Covers Cylinder Head Denso Spark Plugs Dirt Bikes Electrical - Ignition Gaskets Gift Certificate Nitrous Kits & Accessories Oil Filters / Lucas Oil Lubricants Piston Kits PowerPlus Racing Fuels Race Vehicles/ Used Parts - Lectron carb - DEP Pipe, FMF Turbinecore 2 with spark arrestor - VForce3 Reeds - Renthal bars - 51 tooth sprocket - Factory Connection suspension - full motor rebuild - probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. Honda Cr500 Cr 500 Left Center Crank Cases Half 87-88 Crankcases Polished . i was wondering if anybody out in kz land has any info on them as far what needles would be recommended as the motor is running very lean and i don't want to burn it up on the dyno it seems to be idling quite high so i would like to set them up a bit This 38mm Keihin PWK Airstriker carb has a JD Jetting Kit pre-installed and the fuel screw is preset accordingly. They are the closest thing you can get on a race bike to fuel injection. i ran my 1327 with rs34's with 135 mains no problem. lectron carb help « on: July 08, 2013, 11:40:24 PM » trying to put some methanol to this engine but i hit a snag with the bowl. You may also find other latest FBG Lectron Drag Racing Carbs selling and buying leads on weiku. Suspension was done for 235 lb rider. Cold fusions wet kit is only 460 for a single carb settup whay would you by a dry system and then convert it when it is the same money. I wont be writing anything to bore you, however I do hope that the images speak louder than words. It worked great on my 300 ktm, and worked pretty well with the stock 500, but not so much with the built motor. Lectron Fuel  Im sure Lectron works ok for some but its carb. This site is dedicated to the venerable Yamaha WR500, the last 2 stroke open class bike produced by Yamaha. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Up until now, to install Lectrons on lets say a Hayabusa, curved rubbers or FBG aluminum manifolds were required. Klr For Sale. 95 You save 10% . Featuring lots of Starter Carburetor on sale on the internet. Aug 16, 2019. i'm having a tough time trying to figure out the proper needle heights for an older set of 40mm lectrons i bought used a couple of years ago. When the bike ran. I'm selling a brand new never used lectron carb for 2 strokes. If bikes are for kids I'll never grow up. So the team sourced a complete 1985-model CR500, and yanked out the motor. 2019 300xc build. Or go aftermarket with a smart carb or Lectron. I need to get a carb heater for it first. Why Carson didn't use an KX250F aluminum frame or a 144cc kit, but did use Showa air forks and an Lectron carb  10 listings Complete list of every used CR500 (CR 500, CR500R) in the country that you can sort and filter. Farmington, UT. Well i finally did it. From what I see the majority of the people appears to be using Keihins, with a 35 PWK you use a CGL needle, a 50 idle and a 155ish mainjet, and you're pretty much done. Despite many ‘authorities’ attributing the Lectron System’s invention to others, Georg Franz Greger, Dipl. au Lectron Carbs Australia Product Review . CARSON BROWN BUILDS A TRICK KAWASAKI KX125 TWO-STROKE . But that's the case with any carb design. 14 shipping The Engine is built from new and modified Engine cases to make room and to matchport it for the cylinder kit. Looking for opinions on an idea I have about putting a "textured" type surface on the inside bell /throat of a carb. -Ing, was the true inventor and he proudly displays his creation for a publicity still taken on 1966-OCT-20. my bike is a 87 wr 400, but I have put a 86 cr500 engine in it With a wr six speed transmission, pwk 38mm carb of a ktm 300, home made silencer, sem ignition an sligthly ported exhaust port. 102,809 likes · 1,632 talking about this · 19 were here. The design of the Lectron® is focused on two primary principles: “AMPLIFY” the fuel pick up signal. Lectron History Lectron carb. Tucker is a leading distributor of aftermarket powersports parts, accessories and apparel. I no of people who build them once you purchase the carb boot. Its already a tough carb to keep "stick free" with running good race gas. Can't go wrong here. The skid plate was custom fabricated out of HDPE green plastic using a TM lectron carb for raptor 660??? if im into drag racing, what better the lectron or the fcr? i see the lectron is 400 and the fcr is 850, why such a big difference? any experience??? Lectron carb . A few years ago I ran that 44 lectron on my late cr500. Also the Trans Ama racing looks interesting. FBG Lectron Drag Racing Carbs,complete details about FBG Lectron Drag Racing Carbs provided by Fast By Gast. 3mm The 36mm billet carb's rod diameter by the nozzle at full throttle, along the tapered metering rod flat side, is 2. Keihin was asked by the top racing teams to design state of the art carburetors for their factory Super Bike racing machines. TC racing found them to make more power than a fcr. Der Administrator wurde soeben darüber informiert und wir werden uns darum kümmern, das Problem schnellstmöglich zu lös The CR480R could carve circles around most other 500’s in ’83. Essentially the carb self-adjusts for external factors like altitude, air pressure as well as engine load. $324. Crankshop carbs work well, jmo try the 65x52 oval carb on that 685 single, we use them on our 800 twins (snowmobile race engines) with good results, 2-3 more hp than 56mm crankshop carb, or try the new 52mm lectron carbs, dyno'd 2 full mod 800 rotax engines last week with these new carbs and better than expected results, jmo any of these carbs will work well. Compression in one leg, rebound in the other. They were on a drag race H2 motor that I bought for my hybrid project. Shop from our slection for Carburetor Starter and save on Carburetor Starter right now from Ebay. The Lectron carb was chosen to be the top performance choice for both brands, offering a better than stock carb on several new lines of innovative motorcycles. -Lectron Carb (settings from Blackfoot Direct are almost spot on), its a slight tad rich -SXS300 head. hi, i have cr500 2001. Carb is ready to go and doesn't need anything. Lectron Carb Tuning Dellorto Carb Guide (general) All Balls Carburetor Repair Kit $31. Skip the Flash animation Skip the Flash animation Anyone have an opinion on Lectron carburetors? I've heard they are good for race only, but I have heard that they have become a great street carb now-a Lectron carb - Harley Davidson Forums: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Forum The stock Lectron has a 60mm inlet and a 42. It's a "ball-park tune" on that carb, when you're looking for an overall tune on gas. mods include k&n filter(new) DG head pipe, DG silencer, fmf torque reeds, and bored to the max (91 mm) air box has also been modded with 1 inch plugs(6) to allow more air flow. Free shipping within Australia. Thought about running a lectron as well. com/ . 5mm to the stop. primerib72 wrote:They basically copied Lectron who have been around for quite a while. Lectron Carbs Australia Product Review - f1moto. Honda CR500 1984 - 2001 Lectron 40mm Power Jetless Carburetor Starter Kit | eBay Lectron has a rich history in developing carbs for all types of engines. lectron carbs are different in that they have no jets. With having the Whiplash races all over the state, the Lectron carb has no jets. I will try answer all questions for those asking. So I'm thinking about some alternatives. A/Fr on the whole thing, just trying to get it to tune it. a carburetor, stock or pwk keihin . We are the sole Asia Pacific/Australian importer of Lectron, Nihilo, and VHM products. My gut feeling is that the 39 is just a little small for a 500, but they seem to work very well. The good news is that they are cheaper than most bolt-on aftermarket parts. Lectron US made carb , modified Lectrons are made in Texas , so i deceided to give mine a face lift so it would match the stripe color on my race bike (1969) by the way not no fancy new out the door stuffhere is what it came out as. Honda Cr500 . bike ran last year with this carb before kit was installed. Welcome To PJMotorsports For All Your Keihin-Mikuni Carburetors Buy Your Keihin FCR, CR Special, PWK, PJ, PE, PWM. Lectron Fuel Systems HD300 Carburetors (82CI-100CI) $795. i scratched the itch and bought a lectron carb for my dt200r. Here is my reasoning behind the idea, if you have ever looked inside a rad valve, you may have noticed a slight textured surface. 2. My question is 38mm or 40mm? I know for dirt the best setup would be the 38mm for the improved throttle response over a 40mm but for a snowbike setup I think the throttle response is maybe slightly less of a priority since you are always on the gas and maybe the 40mm Lectron would sneak out a 38mm Lectron . Lectron Fuel Systems. 519 S. I bought it for my yz 250 and ended up not putting it on because I went to a 450 4 stroke. Find starter carburetor for sale here! Find Carburetors For Sale Online. A stock cr500 is 80hp or so and this engine has work done to it. Component ID. Shop for Fuel and Air Intake Systems, like Lectron High Velocity Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. The FCR carburetors are the result of that request. Packard will be the one to answer your questions about the carb. 2004 Suzuki RM250 made into a 2018 concept. The MS-3 needle is for the Italian small bores, I also have the 3-2M needle (for Italian 250-300) due to mix up with initial order. Clamp-on system, easy to install or take off. gearbox is modified with cut gears and  5 Jul 2018 Before buying a new carburetor, I am planning change all the jetting to a JD Jetting Kit. Results 1 - 48 of 35331 Honda CR250 Lectron Jetless Carb 38mm High Velocity Power Honda CR500 1984 - 2001 Lectron 40mm Power Jetless Carburetor. Woolie settled on one of the most ballistic machines Big Red ever made—the CR500. Damn, according to those videos the Lectron seems well suited for trail/xc riding! Not what I what previously thought. 98 Kawasaki : KX 1983 Kawasaki KX500 A1 Rebuilt, sorted out and race ready…really! Engine has a freshly plated and ported cylinder by Eric Gorr, well jetted new Lectron Carb, 84 head to eliminate the detonation prone head on the 83, stock pipe is in like new condition and was bead blasted and repainted. 2mm when the slide is fully pulled another 5. 68 You save 10% . this measures air densitiy and self adjusts throughout any atmospheric and elevation changes that 2 stokes can be so Lectron carb. Tomei Titanium Exhaust 85-87 Toyota Corolla Gts Ae86 4ag Motion Pro 08-0366 Carburetor Float Bowl Wrench 17mm Motorcycle Atv 15-8366. Browse photos of CR in Chemistry, Valjka CR, CR Letters, CR- V, Statni Znak CR, CRC, Staty Sousedni CR, Vlajka CR, Honda CR -Z, Honda CR -V, CR Initials, Words Starting with CR, Chromium Symbol, Honda CR 100, CR Game, Craigslist Boston, 2008 CR -V, Craigslist Phoenix, 2011 Honda CR-Z, CR Sekatsuyo Art, CRS Material, 2013 Honda CR -V Photo Gallery, 1987 Honda CR 500, CR Periodic Element, CR Buy Honda CR500 Lectron Jetless carb Kit 40mm from F1moto leading retailer of Lectron carbs & motorcyle parts. Mikuni TMX Pilot Jet $3. It has a 38mm high velocity lectron carburetor, tusk footpegs, new primary drive oring chain and sprockets, rear tire is worn and decent front tire. Looking for the 36 or 38mm. Just call cold fusion and they will send you a kit with everything you need and then you aren't guessing put in what they tell you to and ride on![/quote] Tailor made intake for Lectron 48mm carb with powerjet, modified airbox for more airflow. But I dont know if the orthographe are ok. Lectron Build Spotlights. Mikuni VM Manual (PDF) Main Jet Cross Ref. Would they be any good on something built for all out power or are they more of a maintenance free type deal for a 44 mm lectron carb I have a 44mm Fast by Gast carb that is looking for a home, could this carb be jetted and used for a lt 500? Anyone have experience with this carb, I think it came off of an trx250r or a cr500 cant rememberAy advice would be appreciated. However, the Had a couple different opinions about running the smart carb. You can see why so many choose Lectron. 90 – $49. This has been completely refurbished and updated by Lectron (see photo of what was rebuilt) and ridden one time. Nitrous. Drag bikes, for the most part, use FBG Lectron Carburetors. www. com Here is another video on the 2003 Honda CR250R project bike. Great trail bike has a oversized ims fuel tank, fmf gnarly pipe with a fmf turbine core 2 spark arrestor. James Dean | all galleries >> Galleries >> KTM Five Carburetor: Keihin, Mikuni, APT Smartcarb, Lectron Carb 36 Test 3. I still don't feel it has the power a 500 should but the 38mm pwk is a fairly New mod, so the jetting is not 100% currently: main 175 A few years ago I ran that 44 lectron on my late cr500. Although the stock carb worked okay, its factory set-up was way too lean and laggy, and I could never seem to get it adjusted optimally—especially for high-altitude variations or heavy loads. com Honda Cr500 . Did you use the stock throttle cable or did you buy one from Packard? The new popular mod for 2000 and newer CR125’s and 2001+ CR250’s is swapping out the TMX carburetor for a Keihin PWK Air Striker carb from another bike. 38mm Lectron . And much like the fragrance by Diesel ‘only the brave’ would ride it, as the throttle was like an on/off switch. Text me with offers to . 00s full exif. Honda CR 250 Carburettors and Parts & Parts For Sale HOME / Select Honda Model / Honda Parts / Honda CR-250 / Carburettors and Parts Results for Honda CR-250 in Carburettors and Parts 38mm Lectron . Everyday low prices for Lectron Carb online. gotta grind alittle out of the rubber boot so the carb can slide in but appears to have good clearance on all sides from what i can tell. The CR500 likes big carbs when making big power. To post, chat, and enjoy our advanced features i ran a lectron years ago on my cr500 bike and that thing was the biggest piece of junk. Needle Comparison Graph. I have a set of Lectron carbs that are set up for nitrous and come with the nitrous components. 75; Buy It Now +C $32. Tomei Titanium . If you need more fuel and air for your Yamaha Banshee the 34mm PJ set up is the best bang for your b. i ran a lectron years ago on my cr500 bike and that thing was the biggest piece of junk. made the adjustments as usual with the lectron with no luck. I haven't been on this forum for a while and think its fair to share my current CR500AF build here too. RD250 34mm Honda CR500 40mm Lectron Carburettor. If you want to buy cheap lectron carb, choose lectron carb from banggood. It will also be getting a decent porting job, some 34mm Lectron Carbs to top it off. $125 plus shipping new, first $100 shipped gets it. SCOTT for the early CR500 Honda MX The carb features all the required Lectron Off Road Modifications, 'shorty' body and billet float bowl support. I had to dyno-tune a 440EX with a Lectron. Lectron Fuel Systems, Boerne. 2002 CR500 (CRF450 frame) 14 Mar 2019 Lots of discussions about the benefits of running a Lectron carb had us doing . I'm also including 3 other rods since I have a TPI now and will never use them. Needs to be in good working shape. Lectron is celebrating 45 years of helping riders get the most does any one know if the 400ex lectron carb the same for a 250r and will the intake boot fit on the back of the carb for both the 44mm lectron and the 48hv The stock filter to carb boot will fit with heat. yz 250 in stock here. Shop says it will not start now so they tried the relay deal and didn't work so I purchased the 77339031000 cdi. 38mm lectron carbs carb bodies carburetor fuel carburator flat slide big bore. The 38mm carb also includes extra Keihin main jets and both the red and blue JD Jetting needles. Trail Tech - 912-119 - Voyager Gps Kit Honda Crf450r Yamaha Yz125 Yz250f Yz450f 2005 ktm 300 exc. All adjustments are made from the top side of the carb. 2 Stroke EZ Air Screw for Mikuni Carburetors by Slavens $23. I struggled with it more than the intake boot. If you are running nitro methane I do not no how they will take that it's ruff on things. The Dirt Diggers Grand Prix had an interesting finisher in the women’s class in 6th place. A stock 39. I would guess its the longer of the two lengths. We offer free shipping on orders over $100 anywhere in Canada! Find dirt bike parts, snowbike parts, adventure touring parts, riding gear, oil, apparel and more at Blackfootdirect. Mikuni Carb Tuning Manual (PDF) Mikuni Carb Tuning & Info. 11 Mar 2019 Shop for Fuel and Air Intake Systems, like Lectron High Velocity Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. I had to eventually extend my cable by about an inch to accommodate the carb more appropriately. Most everyone agrees that the Ellison carb is a reliable and trouble free carb solution for the VW. Cr 500 or cr250 stroke clutch cable . any help with a good jetting starting point would be very helpful. 95 carb heaters. 2006 Ltr 450 ron woods exh,cp piston,webs, Lectron 46mm carb, racerz edge head, slc +4 swinger, metal tech a arms, marvin shocks. Öhlins Supermoto rear shock, 1998 swingarm and linkage. Quick View. Marzocchi Factory team 500 forks with titanium internals and setup for Supermoto. Running Alcohol Tip Sheet CT Racing have tested methanol fuel extensively over the last five years and have learned how to set up engines and carburetors for most ATV applications. Our carb mod will make your jetting and fine tuning much easier and more predictable for all your riding conditions and needs. Whatever lectron carb styles you want, can be easily bought here. The Lectron carbs have a great reputation in the dirt-biking community - but are almost unknown to the homebuilt aircraft community. XC racing, the carb can be very tricky to keep functioning properly, but man does it make some good power! i run a cv carb on my 1939 80 flathead, i have 6 mikuni vm38 carbs that i could never get dialed in to suit me, throttle cable was always a pain with fatbob tanks, floats dont like ethanol, would stick open and dump fuel. 99 Hey guys, I am beginning the build of a TX300 snowbike and I am thinking of putting a Lectron carb on. Sudco is the distributors of mikuni carbs. 3mm reaching full throttle, and 2. Late model bikes typically have downdraft fuel injected intakes. If you are interested in trying a Lectron carburetor for an off-road application, please check out the information and reviews below. Lectron Carb I'm looking for a couple of Lectron carbs 26mm to 32mm. A 38mm Lectron with 2-3XL metering r The Lectron carburetor dispenses with conventional jets, instead a metering rod adjusts the mixture. 00 Lectron Fuel Systems HD300 Carburetors Lectron Fuel Systems HD300 Carburetors are the larger bore carburetors most common for 73CI and up for wide range of Torque and HP. cr500 lectron carb

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